Assembly and production

Elektrėnų Energetikos Remontas company has been providing assembly services to energy and industrial enterprises and general contractors of construction projects since 2008.

Defect identification and repairs

Our team identifies and eliminates defects of the industrial and energy equipment, provides repair services.

Diagnostics and adjustment

The company offers the following diagnostic services: current, voltage and power transformers; hydraulic installations; generators and power engines; transformers, up to 400 kV; electrical substations and power engines; rotary mechanisms (vibration).

Our Projects

Energy sector

We install and repair hot water and steam boilers, their thermal surfaces and auxiliary equipment (burners and furnaces), steam and water turbines, flue gas cleaning equipment, parts of fuel feeding system, economizers, generators, ash disposal systems, and pipelines.

Industrial companies

We identify and eliminate defects of industrial installations as well as install new equipment. We manufacture, supply and install metal structures and pipelines for various applications.

Engineering networks

We lay heating systems and gas pipelines, rainwater and sewerage engineering network. We reconstruct and repair them if needed.

About us

Elektrėnų Energetikos Remontas has been operating since 2008. We provide the assembly, defect identification, repair, diagnostics and adjustment services to energy and industrial companies and contractors. Over ten years we have implemented over 200 projects in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Sweden.


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