Assembly and production

Elektrėnų Energetikos Remontas company has been providing assembly services to energy and industrial enterprises, and general contractors of construction projects since 2008.

Our team assembles the following equipment:

  • Water heating and steam boilers, their heating surfaces and auxiliary equipment (burners and furnaces)
  • Steam and water turbines
  • Metal structures
  • Flue gas cleaning equipment (multicyclones, electrostatic precipitators, sleeve filters and chimneys)
  • Elements of the fuel supply system: warehouses, fuel crushers, conveyors, silage facilities, vibro sifters, belt magnets, furnace feeders, etc.
  • Pipelines: stainless steel, pressure, steam and technological; flue gas and air ducts
  • Economisers
  • Generators
  • Ash removal systems (conveyors, containers, dispensers and dispensing equipment)
  • Power engines and substations
  • Water supply, heating and gas supply pipelines
  • Rainwater and sewerage engineering networks

We manufacture metal structures, boiler heating surfaces (collectors, necessary pipelines, heat exchangers) and electrostatic precipitators at the company production base located in Elektrėnai.

We help with selection of the technological equipment, which, if necessary, can also be designed.