Defect identification and repairs

Our specialists identify and eliminate defects of the industrial and energy equipment:

  • Boilers and their heating surfaces (including provision of engineering design services)
  • Flue gas cleaning equipment (multicyclones, electrostatic precipitators and sleeve filters)
  • Elements of the fuel supply system: warehouses, conveyors, silage facilities, vibro sifters, belt magnets, furnace feeders, etc.
  • Ash removal systems (conveyors, containers, dispensers and dispensing equipment)
  • Pipelines (including thermal processing)
  • Economisers
  • Hydraulic installations
  • Transformers
  • Heating networks and water supply pipelines
  • Power engines, generators and turbines
  • Electricity distribution panels and substations, up to 400 kV
  • Construction part of electricity network with voltage up to 400 kV
  • RPA and control systems of electricity network with voltage up to 110 kV
  • Oil refinery equipment
  • Heating and gas supply pipelines
  • Rainwater and sewerage engineering networks
  • All types of rotary mechanisms